LMT Beurre Redux

It is forecasted, “that if the funding lands (for the F-35) before year-end, it will generate $5.7 billion in operating cash flow for 2016. If not, that number would fall to $5 billion.”  Chief Financial Officer Bruce Tanner said on a third-quarter earnings call with analysts, “We remain hopeful that this situation will be resolved soon, but have concerns with receiving collections before year-end.”

Reiterate LMT bearish, now $220 puts 1/20/17 at $1.80.

“As we are in the second-longest bull market of all time, and as we approach the eighth year of this economic expansion,” he wrote, “odds are high that whoever the next president is, they will preside over a recession, a bear market and rising debts and deficits.”

For more risk seeking accounts, $215 LMT 1/20/17 puts at $1.50.

Please remember the Straddle.

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