Additional LMT Order from USA Ally

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country’s “long arm” has now become even “longer and mightier” after receiving two US-made F-35 stealth jets on Monday (12 December). The two fighter jets are part of 50 jets ordered by Israel to beef up its air security.

LMT bottom may be found with dividend of 2.81% and P/E of 14.74.  P/E understates growth of fighters (both F-35 and F-16) to target of USA armed forces (especially Air Force) and international clientele in excess of 2,400.

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Reiterate Buy on CHK and Weakness Today

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Temperatures may first drop into the teens or single digits Fahrenheit from the Great Lakes to the East Coast this week, said Shunondo Basu, a meteorologist and gas analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance in New York.  The cold may boost so-called heating degree day values, an indication of how much energy’s needed to heat homes and businesses.

There’s also a chance that snow blankets the northern Midwest and upper Great Plains through Christmas, he said Monday.

“The biggest cold outbreak is Thursday and Friday,” Rogers said. “It is going to be brutal.”

Gold May Stay in a Solid State

  • The Fed is widely expected to announce an increase in the target range for its federal funds rate to between 0.5% and 0.75% when its two-day meeting wraps up Wednesday, analysts agree.  Janet Yellen may keep rates the same because of tepid results from Black Friday and a questionable December jobs report.  Chevrolet, Toyota and other automaker discounts are barometers of weak economy and the twelve days of Christmas.  However, there are rumors that GM may reinvigorate the Saturn Brand by building a Hybrid similar to the Chevrolet Encore chassis and spin it off as a growth vehicle.

Excellent Contrarian Opportunity – The Military Industrial Complex is too Important to the Work Force of this Country

Lockheed (LMT-NYSE) and its suppliers have invested billions of dollars into an effort to bring per-plane production costs in line with current generation fighters, such as the F-16.  LMT P/E is ONLY 14.40 with a promising growth contract with India and Turkey.

UTX, supplier of the jet engines, is a positive indicator that there will not be drastic cuts.  The jet engine is one of the most expensive part of a fighter.  BA holding strong, down fractionally.