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LMT Close 11/4/16 $236.28, down $2.42 or 1.01%

  • Super-Premium: LMT Calls 3/17/17 $240 at $8.00 – LMT Puts 3/17/17 $240 at $14.20.
  • Premium: LMT Calls 3/17/17 $250 at $4.20 – LMT Puts 3/17/17 $215 at $5.10
  • Unleaded – LMT Calls 3/17/17 $270 at $0.80 – LMT Puts 3/17/17 $165 at $0.65 (There was more activity in the $0.65 – 40 contracts than any other puts on Friday.)

Please see this due diligence.

LMT Beurre Redux.

LMT Part Deux – A more cost conscious and pertinent to the mission alternative to the F-35A

Pentagon’s Chief Weapons Tester calling F-35 a failure.

LMT not happy with $6.1B, expected $7B for delivery of 57 fighters.

The deal was a 3.7% price decrease from the last order of F-35s that the Pentagon purchased.

The Pentagon’s decision could depress Lockheed’s profits, as the F-35 makes up 23% of Bethesda, MD-based Lockheed’s revenue, the Journal noted.

 The F-35 is expected to account for as much as 25% of the company’s revenue by next year.

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